Hot Tubs

No heat? Losing water? Does your hot tub cover weigh a ton? No power? Need a replacement hot tub?
Luckily, we repair all brands, service, sell, & install hot tubs. We will definitely make your hot tub experience more enjoyable.

Pools & Spas 🏊 

Need a heater, pump, or filter replaced? Get red eyes or green hair? Tired of waiting for your pool / spa to heat up?
We offer a wide range of pool & spa solutions to meet our clients needs and expectations. We offer cutting edge products for a healthier more efficient pool / spa experience. To help keep pools cleaner and safer, chemical reduction is a specialty we love ❀️.

Whirlpool Baths πŸ›€ 

Air switch broken? Pump stopped working? Leaking?
We offer parts and repairs for all brands of whirlpool bath tubs. 

Outdoor Structures

Got to much sun in your backyard? Need a place to hang out? Want to be outside when it rains?

Timber 🌲 

Our outdoor structures can be fabricated to complement any outdoor living space and are available in Redwood, Cedar, or Douglas Fir.

Vinyl | Fiberglass | Treks

We can provide a wide variety of outdoor structures to fit any environment or decor. From outdoor rooms to accent features we got you covered.

Canvas | Mesh

Create the perfect outdoor cover with the ability to let the sun 🌞  in on beautiful days and the flexibility to close the canopy on hot or rainy 🌧 days.

Water Features

Love the sound of water? Do you like fish?

Custom waterfalls

Built to your specifications these custom water features can be added to your existing pool or be self contained. We design and produce stunning recreations of natures best creations for your every day enjoyment.

Koi Ponds

We can design and install koi pond systems to keep maintenance low and the 🐠 🐟 🐑 happy.

Home Automation

Tired of looking for the remote? Wish you had less apps? Want to simplify your life?
Today, if you want to control your thermostat, cameras, lighting, garage door, or just about any device in your home you can. We are here to help integrate your home and simplify your life.


Got a dirt lot? Embarrassed to have friends over? Keep telling your spouse you'll get to it next weekend?


We take landscape design to the next level by offering 3D rendering and the ability to make changes in minutes instead of days. We're certified in horticulture πŸ‚ 🍁 πŸƒ and landscape design.


We design and install simple to elaborate dimming, zoning, & color changing outdoor lighting systems.

Irrigation ControllersπŸ’¦

Smart irrigation controllers help waterwise landscapes stay alive. Rebates may be available through your local water company.


Never heard of it? Think it looks dull?

Its like landscaping but with rocks and cool desert themes in your backyard. We can repaint your existing rock work or add new rocks around your pool or landscape. Not only can you save water but get low maintenance too. We're bring pet rocks back in to style.


Afraid of getting shocked 😳? Not sure what a ground wire is? Does that breaker always trip?


We can replace ceiling fan to light fixtures and much more.

Pool| Spas | Hot Tub

We install new electrical service for pools, spas, & hot tubs.


The right dimmer can not only set the mood, but save you money.


Don't want to get out of bed to turn the heat up? Tired of getting home to an oven?

Smart thermostats

We install the smartest thermostats to help achieve energy efficiency. Giving you control with a swipe of your phone.

Real Estate Inspection

Whats a GFCI? It's a Life Saving Breaker and by law you should have one on just about anything that touches or is near water.

Buying a home and not sure if the pool, spa, hot tub, or whirlpool bath are working correctly. Ask us to inspect the items in question and rest assured that your inspector gets it right.