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Smart Thermostat Rebate Up To $125.00

Enroll a qualified smart thermostat in our Save Power Days program through one of our qualified service providers. If you are a joint customer of SCE and SoCalGas ®, you’ll get a $125 SCE bill credit when you successfully enroll. If you are an SCE customer, but not a customer of SoCalGas, you’ll receive a $75 bill credit from SCE.

Qualified Smart Thermostat Brands

Terms & Conditions


Pool Heater Rebate $750/$300

Rebate available on residential natural gas pool heaters up to 500,000 Btu.
Tier I - Thermal Efficiency (84% - 89% TE) - $300
Tier II - Thermal Efficiency (90% TE or above) - $750

List of Qualifying Models

 Rebate Terms and Conditions

Up to $330 per controller

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers, aka ‘Smart Timers’, use information about your plants, soil, and weather conditions to apply the right amount of water year-round.

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